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In Room Massage


Las Vegas Escort Alyssa  

This seductive latina escort will drive you wild. Her tight body 
will make you the envy of men across Las Vegas.  

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Busty Escort Vera

I go out of my way to make sure our time together is enjoyable and
wonderfully memorable. I have much to offer as your personal
companion and playmate. Sophisticated and sensual.

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Classy Las Vegas Escort Tesa

Looking for a date tonight or just need a "girlfriend" for an hour or two?
 I might be the tastiest treat on the entire internet.

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Blonde Candice
She's young but she's legal. Contact us to arrange a personal meeting
with the barely legal escort Candice. Always a wonderful companion
she will blow your mind with her smoking hot looks.

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Las Vegas Escort Rose

I am a hot brunette and I am ready to entertain you!
I love treating a man the way he should be a King!

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Zoey Barely Legal Escort

Let me pamper you and make you feel like the upscale gentleman
you are. I specialize in the art of seduction so come and experience
ultimate pleasure. My passions are wild and my imagination is

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Las Vegas Escort April Blonde Escort
I am the elite companion who will accompany you and compliment
you on any social situation, business engagement, or ultimate

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Las Vegas Escort Amazing Jesse

I'm 22 years old, 5'4, 34 DD-36-24 with blonde hair and brown eyes.
I'm 100% independent so there's no hassle with service. What you see
is what you get.

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Las Vegas Escort Iris

I'm fun, vibrant, open-minded and outgoing with a flawless figure, and an
added bonus of a very lovely ass. I have beautiful, exotic features of sexy,
dark brown bedroom eyes, and silky, baby soft skin.

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Las Vegas Busty Blonde Gabrielle

Want a gorgeous escort to accompany you around Las Vegas? 
Gabrielle will come directly to you. All you have to do is make one phone call.
100% Independent and she will be yours for a sensual date.

(702) 478-2774

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Asian Escort Talia

If you're looking for a woman with curves in all the right places, then look no
further. With my elegant looks, vivacious personality and obvious assets, I am
the perfect partner for any occassion.

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Jody The American Dream

The all American escort, Jody is the girl gentlemen dream about. Face it she is
the sexy girl next door. Make her your date tonight, available across Las Vegas.

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lv-escort-claudia Claudia Las Vegas Escort

They call me Claudia, and I am all woman. I am a beauty with green eyes that will
take you to paradise. I am sweet and personable and sometimes just a little bit

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lv-escort-nikki Nikki Hot Escort

Baby got back. Nikki has a fantastic backside. You will be stunned with how Nikki
can shake her stuff. Fun and always exciting. NIkki can be yours tonight, just call

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lv-escort-alexa Barely Legal Escort Alexa
Holy Cow, this young escort is smoking hot and wants to meet you today. There is
only one way to meet this Las Vegas girl and that is to make a phone call to
Escorts of Sin City.

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lv-escort-ushi Las Vegas Asian Escort Ushi

Everyone loves a cute little Asian girl. Ushi is the girl for you! She is available
in Las Vegas just for you. Contact us to meet Ushi.

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lv-escort-wendy Las Vegas Escort Wendy

Nothing to say that already has not been said about this sexy, hot blonde. She is a
perfect 10. Would you like to arrange a meeting with Wendy? Call us today to
make your appointment.

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lv-escort-danielle Las Vegas Escort Danielle

Is there any woman more beautiful than Danielle? Possibly the sexiest girl  we
have on the site! Let her seduce you with her soft touch as your girlfriend would.
For your appointment contact Danielle now.

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Treat yourself to a Las Vegas Massage

You work hard. Whether you work hard for your job or your family or both, you probably carry a lot of stress around with you in your day to day life. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. You probably also aren’t alone in the idea that you need a little time to yourself. When you go on vacation, you want to spoil yourself completely, and why not? There are so many stresses in day to day life that you should be able to unwind and truly relax while you are on your vacation. Even if you aren’t on vacation, you deserve to relax. Want to know the easiest way to achieve that relaxed state? Call in one of our Las Vegas in Room Massage experts to help relieve all of the tension you have been carrying around. Whether you are in Vegas for pleasure or business, you can always have a one on one, in room meeting with one of our very lovely specialists. They will know exactly how to take away any of that pain and replace it will feelings of nirvana. Not to mention they are easy on the eyes. We may have a wide variety of girls to choose from, but all of our ladies are well trained in both Nuru and Tantra massage, so you never have to worry about getting a girl who doesn’t know what she is doing. But wait--maybe you aren’t familiar with either massage style, or maybe you still aren’t sure if you want a one-on-one massage experience. Read below and learn the true benefits of both styles and become a true believe in Las Vegas massage.

Las Vegas Tantra Massage 

Tantric massages can be kind of a touchy subject for some people. Whether you are afraid of unleashing your own sensuality or you are not sure about having a stranger be with you at such an intimate moment, let us tell you right here and now that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to Las Vegas tantra massage. No one is going to make you do anything you don’t want to do, and no one is going to make you feel uncomfortable during any massage. Not only are all of the ladies 100% professional, they are all very good at easing men into their first tantric experience. Get ready to unleash your sensuality on the whole of Las Vegas. Through the exchanging of energies, tantric massage awakens parts of your body that you may have been ignoring for some time. It allows you to flow more freely and to move in your own skin in a new and different way. These energies just happen to be equated to the ones you would know as your sexual energies. Instead of fearing it, allow these ladies to help guide you through your awakening, and teach you the true way of a tantric massage. Once you have had such an awakening you will not only want to come back for another massage, you will be able to use this new found energy circulation in your day to day life. Men who have gotten tantric massages from beautiful women like ours experience a boost in confidence that can only come from the laying of hands on another person. Let this energy heal you and you will leave Las Vegas a more enlightened man than you ever could have dreamt. 

Las Vegas Nuru Massage

Tantric massage seem too tame? Want to try and spice things up more? You’re in Las Vegas after all and if ever you were going to get a little wild and crazy, this would be the place. Why not try out a special Nuru Massage instead. Nuru massages are traditional Japanese massages that involve one body touching another while both are drenched in oil. Nuru oil is a seaweed based oil that is great for your skin and helps to relieve even the deepest of tension. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with one of the most erotic and simultaneously stress relieving massages in the history of ever. Receiving a Nuru Massage from a lovely masseuse does not really hurt to relieve your tension either. All of our girls are well trained in Las Vegas Nuru Massage and can help ease you into the process. Don’t be shy! Our ladies want what is best for you, and trust us, that means stripping down and getting rubbed all over with nuru oil. Once you have tried this very unique massage experience, we promise you will be coming back every single time you come to Las Vegas to experience the magic of Nuru again and again. If you don’t believe us, book one now and learn the ways of the seaweed. 

The Best Las Vegas in Room Massages

Lets face it. There are a lot of sketchy people in Las Vegas. So many schemes and scams. The whole city is sort of based around the idea that when you come here you are going to get ripped off, either by a buffet or a casino or someone else. Whether they are trying to sell you false deals or drugs, it can be hard to tell who is going to give you what you pay for. Not to worry when it comes to using our services, we are going to give you what you pay for. And what you pay for is the best Las Vegas in room massage you can find, period. There will be no skimping, no skimming, and you will definitely not feel like you have been cheated or ripped off after you have an experience with one of these lovely ladies. These girls are hand-picked and specially trained to be excellent ambassadors for our brand. They are all expertly versed in a multitude of massage practices and know how to work even the tensest of backs. Many of our girls have worked in other massage therapy situations and have even more training than you could imagine when it comes to the human body. Don’t you want women who know how the body works to work over your body? These girls are the girls for you. They are knowledgeable and uphold our standards, which includes bringing enough oil for one full body massage, at least. A lot of our girls actually like to bring little odds and ends to perk up the massage. Each girl has a unique personality and gift that she will gladly share with you upon meeting. You will be so happy that she did, too, because these girls are really one of a kind. Some of the girls bring things like feathers, others like to go the hot wax route. You can check out the profiles to learn more about the girls specialities when it comes to one on one in room massage time. Keep reading if you want to learn a little bit more about our lovely masseuses. 

Who will give my Las Vegas Massage? 

In case we haven’t gushed about our girls enough, this paragraph is just more gushing. We seriously love the girls who work for us. They are the lifeblood of our institution. They are the soldiers who go out and spread our message of love and relaxation. We fully support our girls and believe that they are the best, most well qualified, hottest women to give you your Las Vegas massage. If you are going to invite a woman into your room, she better be from our brood. We have so many girls who work for us that it would be impossible for you NOT to find one that suits your particular fancy. There are blondes, brunettes, redheads, skinny girls, curvy girls, blue eyes, brown eyes, porcelain skin and ebony skin and every single combination and shade in between. The one connecting factor amongst these women is that they will give you an incredible Las Vegas in room massage experience, every time. You can check out each girl by looking at their profile. They take the time to fill them out, so if a picture peaks your fancy why not click on it and learn more about her personality? It’s less intimidating than a dating profile, but it will still let you get to know the girl who is going to be delivering nirvana to your tight muscles. Learning about your girl can ease your anxiety about meeting her and really help you find someone who is going to be able to help you. You are the most important person in the room when it comes to one on one massages and these girls know that first and foremost. They just want to give you the best experience you could ever have. There is not one girl on our staff who we would not gladly get any of the aforementioned massages from ourselves, so why not let them prove how great they are by booking them for your next trip to Las Vegas? You only stand to gain by utilizing one of our girls’ services, and trust us. Your whole body will thank you for it.